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Top 5 Beginner Power Kites

What’s the best kite for beginners? This is a question we get on a daily basis. To help you out we will pick our top 5 and highlight these kites in this post. 

1. HQ Symphony Beach III

Our best selling kite is without a doubt the new Symphony Beach kite of the well-known German brand HQ Kites. HQ is famous for making powerkites, stunt kites, and fun kites for beginners. If you’re looking for a great kite to take along to the beach for some fun, the Symphony Beach III offers you the best bang for your buck.

The Symphony kites are available in different sized and come in three different color variations.


2. Peter Lynn Hype

Looking for absolute A-quality? The Peter Lynn Hype is the ultimate beginner beach kite. Made of the finest materials and super easy to fly, the Hype never disappoints. It’s suited for both young and old and makes a great introduction to the world of serious power kiting.

The Hype is available in five sizes and comes in four different colors. If you top quality, the Peter Lynn Hype is just the kite for you.

3. HQ Symphony Pro

This is the older brother of the normal HQ Symphony kites. With a larger sail and faster controls, the Symphony Pro is aimed at beginners who want speed and are up for a somewhat bigger challenge.

The Symphony Pro can generate some serious speed and makes an excellent kite for youngsters and adults who are new to kiting and want some more power.

4. Peter Lynn UNIQ Play

Peter Lynn is famous for innovative kite designs, and with their new UNIQ series, they’ve developed the world’s first single skin kite. This means that the kite is made of just one piece of sail, which makes the kite nearly indestructible.

A great pick for beginners who want to be extra safe with their new kite.

5. Cross Kites CX Air

Looking for a more budget kite? Cross Kites aims at making high-quality kites that can compete with the top brands. Flight characteristics are very decent and the CX Air will guarantee fun for new kite pilots. The perfect beginner kite if you’re on a budget.

With these five picks you can’t go wrong. 🙂



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