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Looking for a nice kite to take along with you during your summer holidays? You need a 2-lines powerkite! These powerkites are perfect for recreational use and some fun at the beach.

When you think of the beach, of course kiting will come to mind. When you’re new to kiting, it can be difficult to choose the right kite. Luckily, here at Kitesurge we’re ready to help.

2-Lines powerkites are a great pick for beginners. As the name already tells you, these kites have two kite lines. This allows for easy and intuitive controls. You completely control the kite with these two lines, so you can get the hang of it pretty fast.

If you’re looking for a bigger challenge and more power you should definitely have a look at our 4-Lines Powerkites collection. These kites can generate more power and are controlled by four lines. As a result, you can control 4-lines kite even more precise. If you’re completely new to kiting however, we always recommend to start with a two-liner if you’re just looking to have some fun at the beach.


The best brands

At Kitesurge you’ll find powerkites of top brands. When you buy a new kite, you want quality. That’s why our online kite shop is filled with superb powerkites produced by brands like Peter Lynn Kitesports and HQ Kites.

Are you on a budget? No worries, we’ve got you covered. Check out our collection Cross Kites for instance. Awesome powerkites with decent flight characteristics for a great price.

Of course, it’s important to be careful with your new kite and to treat it well. That’s why we always recommend to read the manual of each kite carefully before getting it in the air. This way you prevent that your kite will get damaged, and makes it possible to enjoy it for years to come!


2-Lines Powerkites, are they suited for me?

A question we often receive is for whom 2-lines powerkites are best suited. Basically, pilots of all levels can have fun with these powerkites, but they are primarily aimed at beginners.

2-Lines powerkites can often be used by the whole family, which makes them great to take along with you on your next trip to the beach. They don’t occupy a lot of space and are delivered R2F (Ready to Fly). Just unpack the kite and you’re ready to go, there are no hassles with getting the lines attached.

2-Lines powerkites are also a great pick for kids. They can get used to the controls of a bigger kite and will be able to learn the basics of kiting in no-time. Perfect kites to getting into kiting!

Shipping & Delivery

Did you order a 2-lines powerkite at Kitesurge? Awesome! We’ll make sure your new kite will arrive at your doorstep as quickly as possible. Most of our 2-line powerkites are in stock, which means we can ship them fast.

Our headquarters are based in the Netherlands, so the exact delivery time will depend on where you live. We always ship orders within 48 hours so you won’t have to wait long for your new powerkite.

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