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Do you want to go to the max? You need a 4-lines powerkite! The kites generate tons of pure power and will make your heartbeat rise significantly.

Nothing beats the feeling of mastering the wind and making enormous leaps. A 4-lines powerkite allows you to catch a lot of wind thanks to the big foil, and also makes it possible to steer very precisely thanks to the two steering lines and two brake lines. This makes them a lot more challenging than 2-lines powerkites.

Powerkites for Kite Jumping

Powerkites are often used on land to make big jumps with. Getting high up in the air gives quite the adrenaline shot! This is an activity for daredevils, and not suited for people that suffer from fear of hights! Are you looking for a powerkite for kite jumping, check out the Peter Lynn Twister, one of the best jump kites in our collection.

Powerkites for landboarding

The great thing about powerkites is that you can use ‘m for more than one aspect of kitesports. Lots of 4-liners can also be used in combination with your landboard. Test your limits!

Powerkites for kite buggying

Looking for even more speed? For the real speedfreaks is kite buggying the ultimate kitesport. A big powerkite enables you to generate a lot of power and reach high speeds at the beach. Whether you want to go alone or you want to compete in professional races, in our online kiteshop you’ll find a vast collection of kite buggies and buggy kites.

Powerkites for snow kiting

You love your board more than you love wheels? In that case snow kiting is the sport for you. In our shop you will find kites that are produced specifically designed for your snow adventure. These kites are powerful and can be used in extreme situations.

The Best Brands

When you buy a 4-line powerkite you want quality. That’s why you’ll find powerkites of the best brands at Kitesurge. In our online store we sell kites of famous brands like Peter Lynn Kitesport, HQ Powerkites and many more.

With a powerkite of these brands you’ll know for sure you have the best quality you can get. If you’re looking for a superb model of the highest standards, or a more affordable powerkite, at Kitesurge you’ll always succeed.

Is a 4-line powerkite suited for me?

A question we get often is if a 4-line powerkite is accessible to anyone. We’re here to help so we’d like to clarify a few things.

4-Lines Powerkites come in many flavours and sizes. It depends per kite if it’s suited for a specific audience or activity. Some kites are made for one purpose only, for instance, the Peter Lynn Lynx is a powerkite that’s optimized for snow kiting.

Other kites however are more allround kites, and can be used for various activities.

Luckily, you’ll find everything you need to know in our extended product descriptions. This way, it’s clear to every customer what they can expect from a certain model and if it suits their needs.

In contrast to 2-lines powerkites which are perfect for beginners, 4-liners can be used by beginners, intermediates, and experts. In our product descriptions, you can read if a specific kite is suited for your current level. Some powerkites are ideal for new pilots, where other models are only to be used by pro’s.

Always read the product description carefully to check if a kite is suited for your activity and your current level.

Shipping & Delivery

Did you order a 4-lines powerkite at Kitesurge? Awesome! We’ll make sure your new kite will arrive at your doorstep as quickly as possible. Most of our 4-line powerkites are in stock, which means we can ship them fast.

Our headquarters are based in the Netherlands, so the exact delivery time will depend on where you live. We always ship orders within 48 hours so you won’t have to wait long for your new powerkite.

Learn more about our shipping and delivery policy.

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