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Peter Lynn Vapor II


The Peter Lynn Vapor II is the ultimate high performance fixed bridle kite. Only for racers who want the best of the best.


Available in 12 sizes.


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Peter Lynn Vapor II, the Ultimate Kite Buggy Kite

Looking for high performance? The Vapor II is the ultimate fixed bridle kite. If you’re looking for a professional kite buggy kite, the Vapor II is the kite you need.


The Peter Lynn Vapor II is a high-end kitebuggy kite.


Vapor II, upgraded in almost every aspect

The Vapor II is made for high-level buggy racing. The kite is made of the best materials and it’s performance is incredible.

This second model of the Peter Lynn Vapor series has had some serious upgrades. Peter Lynn made the kite faster, more reliable, stability has been upgraded, it’s more agile and upwind performance has been improved. In almost all aspects the Vapor II is even better than the first model. This powerkite will let you reach high speeds and give you tons of challenges.

Only for speedfreaks

Not only will the Vapor II offer you lightspeed rides, it’s also the perfect kite to develop you buggy skills to the max. There aren’t many kites around that can match the superb characteristics of the Vapor II.

Mastering the Vapor II

The Vapor II is extremely fast. However there is certainly a learning curve to be mastered. All kite buggy pilots will learn that in order to push buggy kites to their limits, the key is to master nrake line tension. It’s up to you to find the sweet spot and master the Vapor II in every situation.



The Vapor II has had some impressive upgrades.


An innovative design for more stability

Compared to the Vapor I, the new Vapor II has had an upgrade in stability. Peter Lynn’s design team payed special attention to making this kite as stable as possible. A stable buggy kite is extremely important in the more tricky racing situations. Peter Lynn is famous for innovative designs (look at the new single skin UNIQ kites for example), and they applied some new techniques to the Vapor II as well. As a result, the Vapor II has more arch shaped form which ensure more stability than ever before.

Advantages of the new design

The new design of the Vapor II can also be seen when looked at the cells. Each cell of the wing has become smaller in order to reduce the chanches of deformation during your ride. As a result, the wing as a whole is slimmer and more rigid. This also means that the wing will maintain it’s shape during fast turns, making the Vapor II perfect for kite buggy pro’s who want to push their rides to the limit.

Because the Vapor II delivers constant power thanks to it’s innovative design, you can accelerate faster out of turns and leave the competition behind.



A new bridle system ensures the Vapor II has less drag and smooth flights.


Aerodymic panels

In order to achieve high speeds, it’s important for a kite to be aerodynamic. Peter Lynn’s designer has individually crafted each panel of the Vapor II in order to prevent wrinkels to be formed and to make the wing as smooth as possible. This results in a highly aerodynamic wing which will deliver smooth rides with minimal drag.

A new bridle construction for better performance

Peter Lynn’s designer also updated the bridle sytem of the Vapor II. Since not every bridle line endures the same amount of pull, it was possible to make so benificial alterations. Also the number of bridle groups has been reduced to 4 per side. New bridge rib technology makes it possible to skip four cells between connection points. These changes combined provide even better performance.

Premium build quality

It may be clear by now that the Peter Lynn Vapor II is not an ordinary powerkite. This becomes even more appaerent when looked at the high-quality construction of the wing. Every seam has been double stitched, bridle points are not only Dacron reinforced but also secured into the seams, and carefully balanced spacing between cross-vents to prevent wear/stretch induced deformation are just some examples of the premium build quality of the Vapor II.

Vapor II Conclusion

The Vapor II is the ultimate handle kite for kite buggying. The new and innovative design make the kite extremely fast and fun to ride with. Nothing beats the feeling of buggying with a 4-lines bridle kite since you have ultimate control over the kite if you’re getting the hang of it. So if you’re up for some next level racing, the Vapor II is the kite you need.

The Vapor II is available in different sizes and three different color variations. The Vapor II is either delivered as a kite only or complete with kite, bag, and 4-line bridles foil manual. Buy your new Vapor today at Kitesurge!


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Line length & strength

Line lengths in buggy riding/racing are preferential.

Minimum required line strength is 200Kg steering lines & 100Kg brake lines.



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The Vapor is delivered ‘kite only’ or complete, containing:

  • Vapor kite
  • Vapor bag
  • 4-line bridles foil manual