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Peter Lynn UNIQ Quad


The Peter Lynn UNIQ Quad is a revolutionary powerkite, made out of a single skin. Great flight characteristics and nearly indestructible.


Available in 4 sizes.

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Peter Lynn UNIQ Quad, the perfect travel powerkite

Peter Lynn shows yet again to be one of the front-runners in the world of kitesports. With the UNIQ series they have developed a revolutionary kind of kite. The UNIQ kites made out of a single skin, yet they have all the traits of fixed bridle kites.

What makes the UNIQ such a innovative kite?


The UNIQ Quad, a revolution in powerkiting.


A remarkable kite

The UNIQ kites are all very easy to handle and super user-friendly, great for beginners. They don’t require much knowledge, just pick up the kite and go.

The UNIQ however has one major advantage over all other kites..

Since the UNIQ kites are all made out of a single skin, this makes them practically indestructible.

Peter Lynn UNIQ, the next step in the evolution

But the pro’s of the UNIQ do not end there. Since the kite is made out of less material then conventional kites, it’s overall weight is much lower. They also generate about 50% more power then usual kites of this size.

Last but not least, UNIQ kites do not catch any sand that may affect flying behavior.


The Peter Lynn UNIQ Quad is great for kite buggying.


A super effective powerkite

The UNIQ Quad is a highly efficient and powerful 4-line kite for starters who are looking for a challenge and the more experienced flyers who are looking for a fun expansion of their lightwind quiver. Its light weight and compact packing size make it the ultimate travellers kite. The 4-line controls give the flyer complete control, similar to ‘normal’ fixed bridle kites.

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UNIQ Quad 1.5 Green-Orange, UNIQ Quad 2.5 Aqua-Lime, UNIQ Quad 3.5 Red-Aqua, UNIQ Quad 4.5 Purple-Lime


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Line length & strength:

UNIQ Quad 1.5 18m 200/100Kg

UNIQ Quad 2.5 18m 200/100Kg

UNIQ Quad 3.5 18m 200/100Kg

UNIQ Quad 4.5 18m 200/100Kg

Wind Range




The UNIQ Quad is delivered as a complete package, complete with:
  • UNIQ Quad kite
  • UNIQ Quad bag
  • 4-line handles
  • Kite-killers
  • Pre-stretched, colour coded, durable Dyneema® flying lines
  • 4-line bridled foil manual