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Peter Lynn Twister


The all-new Peter Lynn Twister is the ultimate powerkite for kite jumping. Get up high in the air with this awesome kite.


Available in 4 sizes with unique colors.

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Peter Lynn Twister, the ultimate kite jumping powerkite

If you’re looking for a powerkite that can deliver some airtime, the Peter Lynn Twister is the kite you need. Of all powerkites on the market, it’s the champion of airtime for over ten years now. So if you want to jump, get yourself a Twister!

The Peter Lynn Twister is the champion of airtime.

Feel the rush

Let’s face it. The feeling you get of making high jumps in the air is pretty addictive. The Peter Lynn Twister will give you lots of adrenaline rushes as it will get you high up in the sky. The Twister has very direct controls so you can steer the kite accuratly. The kite is fast and performs well in a wide apsect of wind ranges.

Get ready to jump

It’s best to try the Twister out first in some light winds. The Twister is easy to handle and you will be able to test out your control of the kite. The Twister is at it’s best however in stronger winds. Catch the wind and make enormous leaps. Beware that this kite will generate some serious power in higher winds so it’s not reccomended for absolute beginners.

Besides using the Twister for airtime, the foil can be used for kite buggying too since it delivers more than enough power to drag your buggy along the beach.

Peter Lynn Twister, kite jumping at it’s finest

The Twister has been in constant development over the past decade. This latest edition has hade some tweaks in performance, making it even better to handle. Although the Twister can be used for some serious powerkiting, it’s still an accessible kite. Controlling the kite is relatively easy, making it a perfect kite for intermediate powerkiters who want to turn up a notch.

Ultimate stability for kite jumping

When you’re looking for a kite jumping powerkite, you want to be sure the kite is reliable. The design of the Twister was created to minimalize the chanches of collapse while being in the air. It’s quite remarkable how Peter Lynn was able to produce a kite with such great flight characteristics that’s still so stable in the air.



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Line length & strength

Twister 3.0m2 20m  200/100Kg

Twister 4.0m2 20m  200/100Kg

Twister 5.5m2 20m  200/100Kg

Twister 7.5m2 20m  200/100Kg



Wind Range


The Peter Lynn Twister powerkite is delivered complete with everything you need:

  • Twister kite
  • Twister bag
  • 4-line handles or 4-line control bar
  • Colour coded, durable Dyneema® flying lines with stitched sleeves
  • Safety system
  • Ground stake
  • 4-line bridled foil manual