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Peter Lynn Impulse TR


The Peter Lynn Impulse TR offers a great challenge for beginners who want to get better at powerkiting.


Available in 3 sizes with unique colors.

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Peter Lynn Impulse TR, improve your skills

Looking to make some progress in your powerkiting skills? The Peter Lynn Impulse TR is the kite you need! The Impulse TR can be flown in many windranges, is user-friendly and above all, safe!


The Impulse TR can generate some serious power.


Feel the power

Peter Lynn develops some awesome trainer kites for all levels. For total beginners, the Hype TR is a great choice to get familiar with the basics of powerkiting. The Impulse TR goes one step further. It’s a great pick for beginners aswell, but this kite can generate some serious power in higher winds.

Peter Lynn Hype TR, a bulletproof design

The Impulse TR is defined by a very slick design and superb flying abilities. The design does not only look good, the kite was specifically designed to be able to survive crashes.

Safety first

You steer the Impulse TR with a high-quality control bar and to ensure your safety, a third line is added. If you let go of the bar, the kite will instantly depower and drop to the ground.

So if your’e looking for a cool way to master your traction kiting skills, the Impulse TR is the way to go.



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Wind Range

Line length & strength

Hype Trainer 1.6 18m 50Kg

Hype Trainer 1.9 20m 75Kg

Hype Trainer 2.3 20m 100Kg

Hype Trainer 2.6 20m 150Kg

The Peter Lynn Hype TR is delivered complete, all you need is in the box.  
  • Hype Trainer kite
  • Hype Trainer bag
  • Trainer control bar
  • Pre-attached, colour coded, durable Dyneema® flying lines
  • 2-line bridled foil manual