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Peter Lynn Hype


Looking for a cool kite to spend some quality time with the whole family? Look no further, the Peter Lynn Hype is the kite you need.


Available in 5 sizes with unique colors.


Now also available in limited Techno Edition!


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Peter Lynn Hype, a great kite for all ages

The best part of the Peter Lynn Hype is that it’s super easy to set up. The kite is delivered R2F (Ready-to-Fly), so you can release it instantly! No need to assemble the kite and difficulties.


The Peter Lynn Hype is R2F (Ready-to-Fly), just unpack it and go!


No prior kiting experience needed

The Hype is the perfect kite for all ages, kids and adults will absolutley love it. It’s one of the best recreational kites out there. You don’t need to have any prior kiting experience whatsoever, it flies stable and there will be no unexpected surges.

Unlimited fun for all levels

The Hype was purely designed to deliver a great kiting experience to everyone. So no matter if you’re 10 years old and have never touched a kite before, or if you’re a real pro, the Hype will definately deliver some fun.

The Hype is available in 5 sizes. Peter Lynn designed every of the sizes seperately, to make sure that the flight characteristics of all Hype kites are the same.

So no matter what size you pick, they will all be just as fun!

Super easy to relaunch

Since the Hype will mainly be used by beginners, of course it’s important that the kite is easy to launch again after a crash. Therefore, the Hype has a particularly round shape. The shape of the Hype makes it easier for the kite to flip back over after a crash. All you have to do is pull one of the lines and the Hype will be back in the air in no-time.

Just a super-fun kite

So if you’re setting out for the beach with the kids, be sure to take a Hype with you!



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