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Peter Lynn Hype TR


The Peter Lynn Hype TR is a beautiful 2-line trainer kite that guarantees fun for the whole family.


Available in 4 sizes with unique colors.

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Peter Lynn Hype Trainer, fun with the whole family

The well-known kite brand from New Zealand, Peter Lynn, developed the Hype Trainer kite with the goal to make the kitesport accessible for everyone.  With this in mind they created two very popular kites, the Hype and the Hype Trainer.


The Hype Trainer is a wonderful kite that delivers fun for the whole family.


Getting into powerkiting

No matter what your current level is, the Hype Trainer will be fun to fly. It’s mainly aimed at beginners who want to get familiar with the feeling of flying a kite.

The Hype TR is deliverd in several beautiful colors and is flown with two lines on a control bar.

Peter Lynn Hype Trainer, fun for all ages

The Hype kites are mainly used for recreational kiting. The kites are great for a fun day at the beach with the whole family. Steering of the Peter Lynn Hype is very user-friendly. You won’t have to worry about sudden pulls or crazy moves. A beginner’s dream!

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Wind Range

peter lynn hype trainer kite

Line length & strength

Hype Trainer 1.6 18m 50Kg

Hype Trainer 1.9 20m 75Kg

Hype Trainer 2.3 20m 100Kg

Hype Trainer 2.6 20m 150Kg

  peter lynn hype trainer kite
The Peter Lynn Hype Trainer kite comes complete with:
  • Hype Trainer kite
  • Hype Trainer bag
  • Trainer control bar
  • Pre-attached, colour coded, durable Dyneema® flying lines
  • 2-line bridled foil manual