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Peter Lynn Hornet


The Peter Lynn Hornet is the best allround powerkite you can buy. You can use this 4-line kite for landboarding, snow kiting, and kite buggying. Perfect if you’re into multiple disciplines.


Available in 5 sizes with unique colors.

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Peter Lynn Hornet, an awesome allround 4-liner

Peter Lynn developed the Hornet to be the ultimate all-round powerkite. It’s a very decent powerkite that has smooth flight abilities. If you want to learn how to fly a 4-lines powerkite, the Hornet is your pick.


The Peter Lynn Hornet is one of the best allround powerkites.


The best allround powerkite you can buy

The Hornet is no newcomer. Over the last decade several series have been released, resulting in the best allround powerkite ever made. The kite has been tweaked to perfection.

The Hornet is focused on beginners and intermediate pilots. No matter if your’e planning to go landboarding, snow kiting or kite buggying, the Hornet will be by your side. This makes the Hornet a good choice for people who want to buy a powerkite, but don’t want to stick to one element of the kitesports spectrum.

Peter Lynn Hornet Conclusion

The Hornet is a popular kite for a reason. Most newcomers want to buy a powerkite that they can use for multiple challenges. So if you want to experiment with ladboarding, kite buggying and snow kiting you can save a lot f money by just buying a kite that can do it all! The Hornet is a very trustworthy 4-liner which will be your companion for years to come.

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Line length & strength

Hornet 2.0m2 18m  200/100Kg

Hornet 3.0m2 20m  200/100Kg

Hornet 4.0m2 20m  200/100Kg

Hornet 5.0m2 20m  200/100Kg

Hornet 6.0m2 20m  200/100Kg

peter-lynn-hornet-specs hornet-peter-lynn-usability

The Peter Lynn Hornet comes complete with:

  • Hornet kite
  • Hornet bag
  • 4-line handles or 4-line control bar
  • Colour coded, durable Dyneema® flying lines with stitched sleeves
  • Safety system
  • Ground stake
  • 4-line bridled foil manual