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HQ Kites Toxic II


Upgraded in speed and performance. The new Toxic II makes the perfect kite for kite buggiyng and lanboarding for kiters of an intermediate level.


Available in 7 sizes with unique colors.

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HQ Kites Toxic II, upgraded in speed and performance

HQ Kites delivers the next generation of Toxic kites, and introduces the brand-new Toxic II. This kite brings you even more power and more speed, so if you’re looking for serious business, the Toxic II is the kite for you.


Upgraded in speed and uplift performance, the Toxic II is a kite buggy beast!

The Toxic II is a mid-range aspect ratio wing and provides the speed you need for course racing, yet it stays very stable and controllable in all conditions. If you’re looking for a kite that delivers power and performance, but still keeps a user friendly attitude, the Toxix II is the kite for you.

HQ Toxic II for kite buggying

The Toxic II is made for kite buggying. High speeds and improved upwind performance combined with fast and easy controls make the Toxic II great for intermediate buggiyng. However, if you’re new to kite buggying and just a beginner, the Toxic II will give you quite the challenge. Are you up for it?

Got some buggy experience? If you’re looking for a professional kite we recommend to check out the Peter Lynn Vapor II.

HQ Toxic II for landboarding

The Toxic II also makes a great landboard kite. Be aware though, this kite can generate a lot of power! Combined with a steady landboard the Toxic II will provide an heart pumping challenge for beginners.

Can you handle the HQ Toxic II?





Additional information

Flat Area

2.3 m², 3.0 m², 4.0 m², 5.0 m², 6.3 m², 7.6 m², 8.5 m²

Flat Span

2.3: 340 cm / 11.15 ft., 3.0: 386 cm / 12.66 ft., 4.0: 445 cm / 14.60 ft., 5.0: 500 cm / 16.40 ft., 6.3: 560 cm / 18.37 ft., 7.6: 614 cm / 20.14 ft., 8.5: 650 cm / 21.33 ft.


2.3: 80 cm / 2.62 ft., 3.0: 90 cm / 2.95 ft., 4.0: 110 cm / 3.61 ft., 5.0: 117 cm / 3.84 ft., 6.3: 130 cm / 4.27 ft., 7.6: 145 cm / 4.76 ft., 8.5: 155 cm / 5.09 ft.

Flat AR




Control Option

Quad Handles

Dyneema Line Set (included)

100 kp 2 x 20 m (65 ft.), 2.3: 220 kp 2 x 20 m (65 ft.)


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