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HQ Kites Alpha


The well-known Alpha kite of the German brand HQ Kites is made for one purpose: to introduce people to powerkiting.

Therefore, this kite is perfect for beginners and those who are new to powerkiting.


The kite is extremely user friendly so can be used by basically anyone. The HQ Alpha guarantees fun!


Available in 3 sizes with unique color.

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HQ Kites Alpha, a great introduction to powerkiting

The Alpha flies very stable and is easy to use. Also, the kite can be flown in a wide range of winds. In stronger winds the HQ Alpha can deliver quite some power, so be aware! The Alpha is a awesome kite for beginners and will deliver loads of excitement.

Powerkiting on land or grab your kitebuggy!

The HQ Kites Alpha can be used for powerkiting on land, and the larger models will generate some real power to make cool jumps. With some stronger winds the Alpha however also makes a great kite for kite buggying.

This makes the Alpha an allround powerkite for beginners. It’s the perfect kite to get into the fantastic sport of powerkiting.



  • Perfect kite for beginners.
  • Fabricated of robust materials.
  • High quality Dyneema flying lines included.
  • Comprehensive accessories (quad handles, dyneema line set, kite killer, groundstake).
  • Roomy, stylish shoulder bag.

Additional information



Control Option

Quad Handles

Flat Area

Alpha 1.5: 1.5 m², Alpha 2.5: 2.5 m², Alpha 3.5: 3.5 m²

Dyneema Line Set (included)

220/100 kp 4 x 20 m / 66 ft

Flat AR


Flat Span

Alpha 1.5: 229 cm / 7.5 ft, Alpha 2.5: 296 cm / 9.7 ft, Alpha 3.5: 350 cm / 11.5 ft


Alpha 1.5: 76 cm / 2.5 ft, Alpha 2.5: 98 cm / 3.2 ft, Alpha 3.5: 116 cm / 3.8 ft

Wind (Bft.)

Alpha 1.5: 2-7, 10-61 km/h, 6-38 mph, 5-33 Knots, Alpha 2.5: 2-6, 10-49 km/h, 6-30 mph, 5-26 Knots, Alpha 3.5: 2-6, 10-44 km/h, 6-27 mph, 5-24 Knots

1 review for "HQ Kites Alpha"

  1. Rated 5 out of 5


    Super kite! Had super time with our children ar holidays. 🙂

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