Peter Lynn Swell V2


With the Swell V2, Peter Lynn wanted to make a wave and freeride kite that excels in all conditions, good or bad.


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Peter Lynn Swell V2: Ride like never before

With the Swell, Peter Lynn wanted to make a wave and freeride kite that excels in all conditions, good or bad. The result is more than a wave specific kite with great lowend power and great upwind drive. Its well-balanced 3 strut design and responsive handling also make it an extremely fun freeride option, more than capable to handle kiteloops, big boosts, and smooth landings.

By combining great stability with fast turning and smooth drift, the Swell delivers all the characteristics you need to focus on carving up the face and slashing the lip.
The Swell´s specially designed shape allows it to be flown at a higher angle of attack (powered up), and gives it superb low end power and an incredible high end range. By using a 3 point cascading bridle with a single low friction ring the Swell offers the best of two worlds; quick turning and a huge depower range.


Lively and responsive

The Swell’s 3-strut design and balanced medium Aspect Ratio results in a very lively and responsive kite.

It is quick through the turns, so you can position the kite exactly where you need it when shredding waves. Even completely depowered the kite maintains its responsiveness, allowing you to quickly power up when you need to get past that close out section or to get over that big set to catch your next wave. Furthermore, the Swell’s relaunch is lightning-fast, which is crucial, as every second counts when down in big surf.

Light and responsive bar pressure

The Swell’s bar pressure has been tuned with long sessions in mind.

Easy on the arms and joints, while still remaining very responsive and intuitive, letting you know where the kite is at all times. Even after hours on the water your arms and hands will still feel fresh and ready for more. This is particularly important when wanting to position your kite in the right place to get that ultimate ride. The bar feels truly connected to the kite making it the perfect interaction between kite, wind and waves.

Designed for maximum stability and slack line drift

Depowered the kite remains totally stable and responsive to steering input, a must for “down the line” wave slashing.

The kite’s perfect weight distribution and balance give the Swell the stability it needs to drift then the lines go slack on the wave or during a trick, giving you time to focus on your riding instead of worrying about the kite dropping out of the sky. Out in the waves you will soon forget your kite and be able to concentrate on ripping it up.

Exceptional windrange

The Swell has an exceptionally large effective windrange.

Great low end power, without sacrificing any of the top end will get you going earlier and will let you stay out longer. Let the Swell surprise you with its useable wind range, allowing you to work the kite during the lulls, but also to keep enjoying the waves when the wind picks up.

Sizes + recommended bar:

  • Swell   4m2 – Navigator XS 42cm
  • Swell   5m2 – Navigator XS 42cm
  • Swell   6m2 – Navigator  S 52cm
  • Swell   7m– Navigator  S 52cm
  • Swell   8m2 – Navigator  S 52cm
  • Swell   9m2 – Navigator  S 52cm
  • Swell  10m2 – Navigator  S 52cm
  • Swell  12m2 – Navigator  S 52cm

Swell colour combinations:

  • Red – white
  • Yellow – blue


The Swell is delivered ‘kite only’ or complete, containing:

  • Swell kite
  • Swell backpack
  • Swell inner bag
  • Repair kit
  • Peter Lynn 4-line LEI Instruction manual

as complete version you get additional

  • Navigator bar (complete version only) Swell complete Navigator bar
  • 350/350daN Dyneema® flying lines (complete version only) ( 21m lines + 3m extensions)
  • Safety leash (complete version only)

* Note that there is no kite pump in package


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